About Las Vegas Beyond

Las Vegas Beyond LLC was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016 by Lacy Long & Christopher England. Lacy Long operates a successful booking network in various cities such as Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. Christopher operated & owned a large paintball field in North Las Vegas up until 2017. The two met and decided to put their knowledge of customer service and transportation into one entity to provide tours and packages for the Las Vegas market.

Lacy is a country singer and part-time model who was born and raised in Texas.  Lacy originally worked in marketing for a few aviation companies. She then was an integral part of a jet demonstration team in marketing and show coordination. After the jet demonstration team work, she moved into another business involving engines. She became co-owner of a transportation company in Dallas and helped grow that business to tremendous success. She then opened up an office in Las Vegas and decided to try to conquer Sin City. After starting a small operation, Lacy felt that there was a need for something else-something that could cater to smaller groups that would like a personal experience. So, Lacy created Las Vegas Beyond.

Christopher is a retired Air Force Officer from rural East Tennessee who now calls Las Vegas Nevada home.  Christopher spent over 20 years in the Air Force as an Air Battle Manager aboard the Joint Stars E-8C Surveillance aircraft.  Christopher ventured into entrepreneurship by following his dream of opening his own business in 2010, just two years before he retired.  With help and support from friends he opened Vegas Xtreme Paintball in North Las Vegas.  While Vegas Xtreme Paintball is still a premier paintball facility and force to be reckoned with in the paintball community Chris couldn’t stop there.  After 5 successful years at the helm of one of the most beloved paintball fields on the West Coast Chris met Lacy Long of Las Vegas Beyond.  Chris has now decided to pursue even more ambitious goals in partnering with Lacy by providing personalized and specially catered transportation for smaller groups in the Las Vegas area.

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