Zombie Apocalypse Experience Adventure Combat Ops

Gear up, get trained by Special Ops and save the world killing real zombies! No Experience Necessary. Full-Sensory Experience. Combat Simulation. 1.5 Hour Adrenaline Rush. Fully Immersive. Train w/ Real Special Ops.


Located just a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip is a shopping mall with an interesting new client. 

Multiple Escape Rooms

3D Immersive Art

Archery Tag

Bootleg Canyon Zip Line Experience

Bootleg Canyon - Zip Line

Are you looking for something different and fun to do off of the Las Vegas Strip? Do you crave exciting outdoor adventures? Join us for the best zipline adventure ... Special offer when you book with Las Vegas Beyond..

Gold Spike 

Downtown has a pretty cool bars, however none quite as a cool as gold spike, from trendy hotel where reality TV shows are filmed to giant pub garden games!

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