Rental Tips

When booking a charter bus in Las Vegas its good to follow these tips, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Follow these rental tips below:

  • Does the amount paid include driver gratuity? Las Vegas is a Service Industry, this means most employees in Vegas work for a wage that is topped up with service gratuity.  The typical amount is 20% with no upper cap, remember that bus drivers keep you safe for the time you are on that charter, they have a huge responsibility of looking after a very expensive piece of equipment and more importantly the priceless care of each person onboard.

  • A lot of buses in Vegas have blacked out windows or window coverings, this is done typically because units have moving lights which can be distraction to other road users, plus also a party bus can host a variety of situations that may not be wise to have in public view (think of the kids  ) – Las Vegas Beyond’s 20-25 passenger vehicle for example has window coverings that are not for opening as the unit only has a light tint on the windows.

  • Clean as you go, remember you are only renting the bus, so just like a rental car you are liable for any excess mess or damage, its typically not the drivers responsilbity to clean up after your guests mess.  Bodily fluids such as vomit can be costly (we charge $400 for cleanup), if a driver notices someone who looks ill they maybe denied entry on the vehicle or the charge maybe terminated.

  • The driver has the ultimate say in how the charter operates, the driver team has to ensure all rules and regulations are followed in Las Vegas so if the driver makes an announcement be sure everyone listens and pays attention.

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