Top Tips From Vegas Locals

Most tourists are unaware of the sprawling growing city that surrounds the famous Las Vegas Strip, so here are the Top Tips from Vegas Locals.

Dress for Vegas

Its a desert out there and in the summer we can see averages of over 115f, so wear as little as you can, or as light as you can that provides the best cover (or bring plenty of sun lotion), even in the Winter months the strip can be 5-10f warmer than the rest of the city.

24 Hour City

Although this is slowly becoming standard in the rest of the world vegas has definitely set the way.  Want a beer at 6am, chips at 4am.. we have you covered.


There’s so many people here, from each corner of the world, set up a place to sit down, relax have a drink and watch the world pass by.. Bellagio water foutains to the Ceasars Forum shoppes is a great place to setup roost.

Look twice

Always look before crossing
Vegas is a BUSY city, the strip is open to the public and no everyone is eyes forward whilst driving. When crossing the street in Vegas use assigned cross walks, look both ways before crossing and don’t always assume people are going to stop. Whilst accidents are rare on the strip they do happen, lets keep your stay out of the hospitals on vacation!

Drink, Drink & Drink Some more

The best rule to stick by in regard to hydration is… 1 hour = 1 bottle (or more), ask any local how much water they drink (who work out in the heat), remember that beer doesnt count.. 1 Beer, 2 Waters, rinse and repeat!  Dehydration is a killer! the sun is hot, water is dirt cheap!

Join the Club

Be sure to join the hotels loyalty program, from free buffets to free game play, its just a form!

Going the distance

In any normal city 3 miles is nothing, in Vegas it can be an hours drive! traffic on the strip is brutal at times, walking as well is not always easy, look at maps, ask someone if in doubt! has another good link for “Top Tips From Vegas Locals

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